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Friday, January 3, 2014

Sierra Vista, Az: Ramsey Canyon Preserve Huachua Mountains

6 miles outside of Sierra Vista is Ramsey Canyon, known as the hummingbird capital of Arizona.  15 species of hummingbirds have been identified in this area.  Sadly, it was not hummingbird time, but the preserve has a unique diversity of plant and geology.  It was only a two mile round trip hike, so we decided to take a look.

Hey this looks like it could be dangerous

It is hard to believe this is Arizona! We are at 5,000 elevation at the beginning of the trail.  The preserve has hummingbird feeders everywhere and benches...looks like an easy hike. Sadly, we will the hummingbird show, seeing they are elsewhere right now.

The area was made a national wildlife conservatory in 1935. There were plenty of signs of earlier habitation.

A perfect place for a cabin!

Log cabin just needs a little work is all.

The last half mile of the trail was like this. Going up and fast. We stopped several times...the climb changed from stairs to rocky switchbacks gaining an elevation of 500 feet at this point.

Marble dotted the trail

Time for a snack; still going up.

The first overlook

A view of the city of Sierra Vista

Breathtaking views--if we kept walking we would soon end up in Mexico.

The last remains of the winter snow fall.

There is a quaint little stream that runs through the canyon.

Looks like vinaca

Look some wildlife!
Mountain Jay

The National Conservatory Group told me this was a rare sighting. Even though it is called an Arizona Woodpecker, it is mainly found in Mexico.

Alpine and desert flora on the mountain

My hiking bud

Seep from an underground spring evaporating into the night air at a high elevation and causing hoarfrost. 

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  1. Nice hike...the stories of hardship now make sense. Kannon saw the patch of snow and he said " i go stay there and go skating". He keeps asking us , "where is our snow"?