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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pinnacle Peak H3 Trail. Glendale, Az

There was a problem loading the pictures to this blog today as they did not appear in the correct order. The Thunderbird conservatory park is very near where we stay and we decided to do another trail there today.

We started off across Pinnacle Peak Road from the H3 trail on the H1 trail. You can see hikers  starting up the slope.

Lot of hikers any day here but this was somewhat of a holiday. The people here are strange. They love to get out and hike in the sunshine! It was 58F when this picture was taken.

Looking across Pinnacle Peak Road at part of the H3 trail. The part that we did not take. It was fairly level but the part we took went around and then over the top of the mountain.

Looking north toward the Mogollan Rim

This area is surrounded by houses

This one was interesting. It was built in the hill in levels. The lowest level is a playground, the second is a pool/hottub, the bottom floor of the house has a drive going to the front door

The driveway split and there was a courtyard with four garages and you entered the house on the second floor.

Crossing a bridge over Pinnacle Peak Road to the trail

Coming down of of Pinnacle Peak. You see the trail winding in the distance.

Looking down on the bridge crossing Pinnacle Peak Road

We hiked 5.5 miles through the hills and Jeanette is still feeling spry!

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