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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

Until yesterday,  I thought there was only one species of cholla cactus but there are thirty five.  The same with barrel cactus, octillo, there are dozens of different types of the major cactus groups. After a while of looking at all the different types, you appreciate all the variety. The Phoenix Gardens has done a great job and it is staffed with many helpful friendly volunteers.

With the exception of a few trees, all the plants here are cactus and succulents. 

Hanging chain cholla. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Baja Fairy Duster bloom

Note the camoflauge in the feather pattern. It can hide very well on the desert floor.

Sundial made with many species of cactus.

Many types of birds love to live in the saguaro. 

Never knew roadrunners had blue in their tails. Meep, Meep!

We did not see this bloom open as it only opens at night.

Camelback Mountain is in the middle background

A ramada similar to those used by the Western Apache. They are a good work station to keep out of the sun.

A house of the type used by the Akimel O'odham (Pima). I went inside and it was surprisingly cool and roomy.  The family would also have a roofless outdoor kitchen, a ramada, and gardens protected by cholla walls.

Red hot poker aloe in bloom

Creeping Devil I would not want any creeping devils in my yard!

Cardon cactus. These were planted here when the garden opened in 1939.

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