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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Deming, New Mexico: The Capital of Mexican Food and some other interesting things

The first thing you do when you get to Deming is to figure out which Mexican restaurant to eat at.  It is a tough decision seeing there are at least ten to choose from in this town of 14,000.  We have been here before and are usually pick and recommendation is El Mirador ( number 6 on Trip Advisor).  However, it was Sunday, and they were closed :(  So, we decided to try the #1 pick on Trip Advisor:

This is a where our problems started; excellent food and service.  Of course we ate too much, like starving we had to go for a walk around town afterwards.

Right down the block from Irma's is the 2nd rated spot on Trip Advisor, Si Senor'; as well as Los Campos, number 20 on the list.  Tempted to stop in after our hike tomorrow to try that Si Senor. 
The town of Deming has a lot to see and do besides eat though...The town is located against the backdrop of the Florida Mountains and was founded in 1881. 

Deming is about 60 miles west of Las Cruces and about 30 miles north of Mexico.  When first founded, the railroad was thought to make this a bustling city and was referred to as "little Chicago".  Though that did not happen, there were several large military bases here, Camp Cody was built to train soldiers during World War I. After the war, the camp was converted to a tuberculosis sanitarium. During the next world war, the military returned, building another base which was used for training bombadiers of the U. S. Army Air Corps. During the depression, there was a huge CCC camp here, and more recently one of Indiana Jones movies was filmed in the surrounding area.
Too bad there was a fire here that destroyed some of the historic buildings, but some remain.

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