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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mason, Texas

Mason Texas, located about 45 min north of Fredericksburg on Hwy 87 and 30 miles west of Llano. It is the western edge of the Texas Hill Country.

The courthouse square is covered with beautiful pecan trees and is well preserved.

There is even a working theatre.

movies that will be showing soon

It also doubles as a concert hall with some great entertainment tonight.

Mason can brag about their small museum.  It is housed in the old elementary school and covered the history of the town very well .  Mason was settled by cattle ranchers and German families who came from Fredericksburg; the fort was built in 1851 to help control the Comanches. The fort no longer exists, but they have taken time to reconstruct an officer's building on the original site.  Most of the stone from the fort was carted away to construct buildings in the town after the fort was closed. In the 70's some people decided to cart some of the stone back to the original fort and reconstruct a officer's quarters. 

The Geology section was filled with stunning examples of fossils found around Mason. Yep, that is a mammoth tusk you see.  Hard to imagine that.

Rock hounds come to Mason County today in search of topaz.  This sample is from the Mason area and is the largest one ever found in North America. 
And...they can boast that they had a famous author as well---it was an interesting day trip to Mason and worth the drive.  They had several cafes to chose from in town.  We ate one called the Square Plate and it was yummy. So it is worth a stop for a few hours if you are ever driving through.

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