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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville is located about an hour west of San Antonio alongside Interstate 10.  The town itself sits along the Guadalupe River.  One of our favorite things to do in Kerrville is to go tot he Riverside Nature Center and hike along the riverside trail.  The trail begins at the center and will take you to the historic downtown area.

The center was closed when we arrived but the trail is always open.

Seeing hunting season opened yesterday, this deer thought she had found a safe hideaway probably.

The trail takes you down to a beautiful, serene walk alongside the Gaudalupe.

Fall is arriving

No photo shop here!

Mr squirrel came out to see if we brought him anything tasty.

Of course, they were interested in seeing if Wayne brought bread.

the bridge that takes you into downtown.

The old theatre, which is sadly not used. 

It took awhile to figure out why there was a question mark on that sign...but we got it.

The downtown could use some entrepreneurs.  About half of the shops are still in business.

This is a great bookstore.

The Schreiner Mansion, 1879.  Besides building this beautiful home, which is fully resorted, Charles Schreiner donated 140 acres and created a boys' military high school & two-year college, known as Schreiner Institute a few miles down the road. The school eventually became Schreiner University, a four-year private liberal arts college that is still operational today.

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One of favorite places to eat, The Hill Country Cafe.  It is must try; homecooked and great service. Only opened for breakfast and lunch.  They still serve patty melts, liver and onions, cottage cheese and peaches, and some of the best hash browns among blue plate specials everyday.  Great service always.

Our favorite place to grab one of the best breakfast tacos we have ever eaten.

We love hanging out in Kerrville...

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