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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Glorious Colors of Fall at Lost Maples State Park, Vanderpool, Texas

Fall in Lost Maples State Park is a must see.  Put it on your bucket list! It is hard to decide exactly when to go seeing fall colors depend on the weather;however,  the state park website has a foliage report to help in planning.  Lost maples is exactly an hour south from Kerrville. Our kids were suppose to come up to hike this trail with us, but the weather last weekend was terrible and this weekend is suppose to be worst, so we tried to capture all the pretty sights for those of you that could not personally come see this spectacular display. Would have loved to see our grand kids reaction to their first fall!!  The neat thing about today's hike, sunny, and cool, and the leaves were falling as we walked the mile and a half loop. When we arrived we were surprised how many people were there on a weekday...the ranger said the weekends are three times as crowded.  Nice to know that people are still willing to drive to pretty much the middle of nowhere to enjoy mother nature's spectacular display.  So, if you ever plan on going, try for a weekday hike.  You have to enlarge each photo to get a better view. Enjoy!

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