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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Riverwalk trail - Kerrville, Texas

Riverside Nature Center is located in Kerrville on the Guadalupe River.  This former small farm has been transformed into an urban wildlife and native plant sanctuary.

click to enlarge; there are two birds in the picture.  The obvious one, a northern cardinal, is in front center, posing perfectly.

The volunteers do a wonderful job here.

Pomegranate in bloom

Bald Cypress along the river.

Tranquility Island sits in the Guadalupe River 

From the nature center, you can access the riverwalk trail which is fairly new and a beautiful place to walk and enjoy the river.

We may never want to leave...

The concrete pathway ends at some point, and a well worn path takes you further up the river.  Plans are underway to develop the rest of the trail eventually.

The place to go swimming when it is a bit warmer.

The dam
a blue heron

That bird was amazing...enlarge the above picture to see  what a great shot Jeanette took

Throughout the trail, there were different access points; this one takes you to the historic downtown. We posted a lot of pics last year on our blog of the historic downtown.

This one takes you to the amazing library.
Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth built this wonderful library on the Guadalupe.  Her motto was "If you think business is hard, try being a teacher".  Her best career move was marrying Howard Edward Butt. If you are from Texas, there is a good chance you have been in one of his grocery stores.

Saw some nice fowers

The water was fresh, clean, and clear. Cypress roots at work.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite spots in Texas.

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  1. That is gorgeous. I wouldn't ever want to leave either.....