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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mo Ranch - Hunt, Texas: A Vacation Paradise

This is the view of Mo-Ranch, a Presbyterian camp opened to the public.  We just came upon it as we were driving along the road.  Originally, it was a 6,800 acre ranch.  In the 20's it was owned by a Houston oilman, O.R.  Seagraves who lived very lavishly.  Most of the buildings he had built are still in use today.  After Seagraves another oilman by the name of Moran, who happened to be chairman of Conoco at the time, bought the place and added yet more expansive buildings. The property was purchased by the church in 1949. Today, it is only 500 acres; the church donated a good portion of the original land to the state for a wildlife management area.  Today the property is mainly used for retreats, summer camps, and get-a-away vacations.

A sample of the dorms; there are also cabins and hotel type lodging for non-summer camp patrons. Most rooms were about 99 bucks...they had some larger cabins for 8 people from 65-160 a night.

This is called the Catwalk, built in the mid 40's and is a 462 foot foot bridge made from oilfield pipe.  It spans the two hills within the ranch making walking around the complex much less strenuous.
With your stay, free use of canoes. Life jackets provided. 

or you may want to go fishing..lines are ready and waiting for you.

Archery of course

A cute playground and some nice tennis courts.  They also had outdoor basketball courts, rope challenges, two swimming pools, hiking trails, disc golf, ping pong, volleyball, a museum, ecology classes...not to mention activities on the river itself.
A rope swing...mind those rules...

Lets build a slide that uses a four foot skateboard to shoot you into the river.

The skateboard has a fin in the middle that runs down the track in the middle

A lot of the ranch was donated to the state for a wildlife area. Saw three of these guys.

North Guadalupe River

The "skateboard" for the slide. Who's game?

One of the chapels on the property.

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