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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hippie Camp at Kerrville

At the Kerrville Folk Festival, it seems there is more action going in the campground than on the Festival grounds. The Festival last three weeks and many people return every year. Click on any picture to enlarge.

A good size rig to pull to the back of the campground. 

Several song writing schools, picker circles, etc occur on the back grounds

Tents were a popular option. the back of the camp is not "big rig" friendly

Airstream or TeePee?

Old Shasta

Lot of old bus conversions

Always liked the old VW campers. We used to have a 1969 model.

Peace. Music. Herb.

Some campgrounds do not allow bus conversions.

This is the only part of the campground that I would have a chance of getting my rig into.

I have the eerie feeling that I might know this person.

Pigs love wine

In the '5o's cars were not the only vehicles that had fins

These guys have everything.

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