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Friday, May 24, 2013

QuAilts in Motion

CLick on any picture to enlarge

Nice 3D effect

One of my faves: Starry, Starry Night

Hand cross stitching detail
The full deal

A quilter's interpretation of a red headed witch. (done for her red headed daughter)

Pleated fabric for the bark gives it a 3D effect

A lady has this house in Fredericksburg and she did the image on a quilt

Kerrville Folk Festival

I was one of the 10% not wearing tie-dye. There were plenty of  shopping opportunities to remedy that.

Wonder if she I was going to take her picture?

Guy out of Fayetteville, Ar that built guitars.

Crowds were still light in the early evening. Can you see Jeanette?

Parker Millsap out of Houston was the opening act for this years festival. The festival runs through June 9. Parker put on a great show. Quality musicians.

Plenty of food and drink booths

Did I mention that there were hippies here?

Nels Andrews out of Santa Cruz, California. Another quality songwriter.  I really enjoyed the lead players work.

Seth Glier out of Boston, Ma. Seth is playing the piano here but in his two man band, he also played guitar, drums , etc. These two guys traded vocals on "wild horses" and it was one of the most compeeling things I have ever heard. Seth is another great songwriter.

Everyone in Texas probably knows Gary P. Nunn

Concert under a full moon

Lots of craftsmen at the booths

Lots of stuff to buy if you like hippie stuff.

Hippie Camp at Kerrville

At the Kerrville Folk Festival, it seems there is more action going in the campground than on the Festival grounds. The Festival last three weeks and many people return every year. Click on any picture to enlarge.

A good size rig to pull to the back of the campground. 

Several song writing schools, picker circles, etc occur on the back grounds

Tents were a popular option. the back of the camp is not "big rig" friendly

Airstream or TeePee?

Old Shasta

Lot of old bus conversions

Always liked the old VW campers. We used to have a 1969 model.

Peace. Music. Herb.

Some campgrounds do not allow bus conversions.

This is the only part of the campground that I would have a chance of getting my rig into.

I have the eerie feeling that I might know this person.

Pigs love wine

In the '5o's cars were not the only vehicles that had fins

These guys have everything.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hiking @ Lost Maples Natural Area - Vanderpool, Texas

We choose the East Trail which was about 5 miles round trip.  What amazed use during this hike was the change of topography.  The elevation change ran around 600 ft of so.

The water level was low but there was some spots with plenty of water to enjoy.

A field of mealycup sage
The rock on the left is called the Monkey Rock. Can you see why?

Effects of water erosion over time.
Most grottos in Texas have these ferns but the yellow flowers growing out of the wall were pretty. Click on any picture to enlarge.

There were a lot of stairs. There was also a tough rock path to climb.
Coming up from the canyon
We brought us a picnic cooler. Time for a break.
There was a bunch of mountain laurel at the top; this would have been in full bloom about a month ago..sorry we missed that.
A view from the ridge,
The east trail is prominent on the left side of he picture coming down the slope. It was rocky and steep. The west and east trails converge near the pond. We'll save the west trail for another day.

Steep going up and going down; the east trail was challenging for about 2 miles.
Watch your step!
More of the yellow flowers coming out of he cliff.
a type of thistle
Texas Pincushion

Beautiful cactus bloom

Nice oasis 
Kobe got so hot and was happy to test the water
Spanish Moss in bloom
The symmetry of nature.
This is the perfect spot.
The water was deep here.

Butterflies and bees love thistle.

Rapparian  topography along the creeks.

A Texas Betony.

Silverleaf Nightshade
Huge Red Hawk nest in cliffside.