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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Modesta Canyon Hike -The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center Fort Davis, Texas

Wayne and Julio at trail head.  We were told this trail was easy enough, some stairs, but nothing serious.  it was a two mile hike but took several hours to complete.
It began simple enough.
okay, steps not bad..
and more steps...

Walking through the canyon was quite pretty and serene.

every now and then we had some climbing to do
the trail leads to a spring
don't think we will take a dip though
Butterflies like it here

Coming out of the canyon

Interesting rock formations

Miter Peak

Nice Camo, Larry!

Looking south toward Alpine

The girls are still in good spirits.


  1. This was first and last hike Julio and Brenda would take with the Wayne and Jeanette on this trip.

  2. I believe they were thinking the same thought during the hike, but they have gotten up every morning ready to roll.

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