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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Keep Fort Davis Funky

I like this town. I could hang out here for about two weeks. I like it when corporate, ex-cool, plastic Austin likes to tout itself as weird. They should come out and hang with the pros for about..two weeks.
If you are going to hang out in a funky town, you might as well have a funky ride. This is a Ford.  It has a cool sunroof. All you need now is to go get a love potion from the Shaman.

We had to go do laundry so we went to the laundromat.

Yes, its still in business. Its open from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm .

Didn't see many kids playing on the swayback swing.

This place had a couple old Airstreams that look like they have been sitting out for  40 years.

I had him make me a love potion. It works like a charm.

Wait, is that a picture of Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York"?  You can find the Shaman in the Rock Shop next to the Rex Motel.

Excellent skies for star gazing. Put a telescope in the yard.

No its not a church. No its not a monastery. Its a...



  1. Its a Scientology compound where Zork will milk the soul to the 3rd planet of Kevlar

  2. Did you ever find anything out about this monastery? Google has nothing except your post.