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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Davis Mountains State Park - Indian Trail Hike

Indian trail begins at the back door of the Indian Lodge in Davis Mountain State Park.  It has some gradual elevation changes, so the hike was not too challenging for the three mile hike we took.  The hike afforded amazing views...

looking towards Ft Davis and campground area.  We do not have phone service int the campground, but here, high upon the mountain top, we had an excellent AT&T signal.

Looking at the Indian Lodge.

some cactus along the way

Looking towards McDonald Observatory

Click on any picture to enlarge. Three of the telescopes at McDonald which is part of the University of Texas system.
Doe. A deer. A female deer.
Jeanette approaching a rock cairn. One nearby contained hundreds of pre-historic arrow points buried/stashed at the bottom.

Wayne and a clear blue sky


  1. Kannon said "I climb mountains too"
    "Hey that's PawPaw right there"
    "That Ya-Ya right there"
    Looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. he is stinking cute andwe miss him so much!