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Saturday, April 13, 2013

CCC Hike Davis Mts St Park to Fort Davis National Historic Park

From our campsite, we took a 5 mile hike that followed the old CCC trail that ends up at the national park of Fort Davis (yes, there is a fort in Fort Davis...more of that on another blog).  The CCC trail still has some of the remaining buildings that were built during the depression.

There were some big tracks n the trail but no one knew what they were.

Javalinas off the trail

The photographer at work

The model at work

The hiker at....

Going up and around then down and then up and and is going to be a long day

Brenda coming up


Wayne our trail leader and water boy

One of the old CCC buildings 2 miles into the hike

Hey, Wayne how did we end up on Mars???

another view from our rest stop halfway through

Those CCC guys built some amazing BBQ pits and picnic tables!

Jeanette adds scale tothe picnic table.

After our halfway stop, we continue on the trail that would take us to the fort. 

Glad they had that sign there..

beautiful scenery...beautiful skies...but where is that fort???

Coming down through the lava fields.

4 hours later...the first signs of the fort