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Monday, April 15, 2013

Big Bend Santa Elena Canyon area

Entering Big Bend National Park from western side. There was a terrible haze over the area making photography challenging.

Dry and rocky place this time of year. This mountain is called Mule Ears.
It does have its own beauty

Santa Elena canyon; side to the left is Mexico. The Rio Grande flows between. The walls are 1500 feet high,

The Rio Grandeis very, very low.  Usually, this section has rafters in it.

Looks like it has a been awhile since they have had rain...also what animal track is that?

  Unlike us, in the 90 degree weather, this frog seems quite content.
In the background, the window at the Chisos Mountain Basin.


  1. That frog is baked to the rock.

  2. No, he was hoping around...kinda felt sorry for it. About the only wildlife we have seen.