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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big Bend Ranch State Park - Hoodoos Trail

Big Bend ranch State Park is one of the largest in Texas and is located west of Big Bend National Park. There are few maintained trails in this new park, most are mountain biking trails. However, there are a few hiking trails we came across. The Hoodoos Trail is one mile in length; geologically the term hoodoos refers to the uniquely shaped rock that has been formed over time by weathering, a magic trick, so to speak, by nature.  It was a very unique place.

We started the trail around 9:30...geez, it kinda makes you wonder why would they have this at the trailhead???

That is the rio grande behind the rock formations

Brenda and Julio

Hoo Doos

The temp after the hike..



  1. That black and white came out good. Aunt Brenda and Uncle "Who" are falling behind.

    1. Each at their own has been great to have someone to talk to besides your dad:) Thanks on my black and white shot--getting artsy.