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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big Bend Ranch State Park - Closed Canyon Trail

Getting a bit hot at 11:00, but the trail is in a shaded canyon and we have plenty of water, so let's go! The trail is right under two miles through what is called a deep slot canyon that cuts through the Colorado Mesa, a massive uplift between Hwy 170 and the Rio Grande River.  The canyon has been carved welded tuff, a volcanic eruption of ash, liquid, and gas.

Distant view of where we are headed.

Approaching the canyon slot.

There is shade up ahead:)

Click on any picture to enlarge

Just beautiful

That is Wayne up there to give you some scale.

Look who is here!  Brenda and Julio!

Wayne trying out his rock climbing skills to see if we can get further into the canyon.  The trail goes on a bit further and ends at the Rio Grande; sadly, we had to turn around at this point..

Sadly, I got into trouble here. THe rock was slick and I had a very difficult time getting back.

Safe and wiser

A lot of climbing over boulders going back up through the canyon.

Love it when the cactus bloom

Heading into the Canyon. Thankful for the shade!

Oneof the canyon dwellers

Those cliffs are high. Hope no rocks fall!

Time for a beer, I say!


  1. Kannon likes that lizard and he wants to climb the rocks too.

  2. When he gets older, we will bring him during the winter!