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Monday, December 30, 2013

Deming, New Mexico: Rockhound State Park; Spring Canyon State Park

Rockhound State park is about 10 miles south of Deming.  It is part of the Florida Mountain range, which is quite rugged.  This is one of the few parks that allows you to go rock hunting and keep your treasures ( 15 pound limit).  Thunder eggs, agates, crystal, and jasper are typically found we hear, but we found none.  There must be a trick to knowing which rocks hold which treasures...but, none-the-less, it was a beautiful day to have a hike. The pics are so much better if you click to enlarge.

Part of the Florida Mountains from a distance

Our last hike for 2013...Rockhound State Park

Going up...a bit out of shape after spending the last few months on flat land...but we can do it. 

Yep, the sky is that blue.

overlooking the campground at Rockhound State Park and the city of Deming.

After Rockhound State Park, we took a short drive to the next state park two miles down the road...Spring Canyon, a breathtaking drive! Sadly, once we got to the gate of the park, it was closed :(...but the drive was worth it.

Think you would more than likely come across the UFO than the cow out in this terrain!

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum (cont) : Odds and Ends

Old fire trucks, wagons, and cars

Huge room filled with collection of whiskey bottle figurines

Elvis is everywhere

Old gibson Banjo

Some of the cheesiest TVs ever built


Just part of one lady's collection of bells

The building used to be an armory. The upstairs had a nice basketball court and this is where they would have the USO dances.

The medical exhibit had more than one iron lung.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum (cont) : The Main Street Area

This section of the museum was designed to make you feel as if you were walking down the old main street:

My new cowboy room

No thank you

Shave and a haircut - two bits

In the General store

Ladies fashions

Grocery store

General store

Ladies can get their hair curled at the Beauty Parlor. I would be too chicken.

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum (cont): The Main Room

This section of the museum is known as the Main Room/ Bessie May Room.  Evidently there were a lot of locals that were in Bataan during World War II and there was a special section devoted to them:
There were 1800 men from Coastal Artillery units from New Mexico units that were sent to the Phillipines in September 1941 to protect America's interest. We paid back their duty by leaving them for the Japanese to starve and torture.  

Please, click to read this touching makes you truly appreciate what some people have done for our freedoms.

We loved the way the museum was set up so personal.

Nice china collection. Care for tea?

Detail from a Charles Russell painting

Deming Luna Mimbres Museum (cont) : The Mimbres Collection

Hopefully, you read the first entry on the museum to get some background.  The museum takes its name from an Indian culture that thrived in the area approximately 950 to 1200 A.D. The Mimbres Indians lived in small villages around Deming.  The Mimbres were well known for their beautiful pottery and a large section of the museum is devoted to this.  There are some amazing pieces of art here.  They also have some Apache baskets along with Najavo rugs.

There were two large rooms filled with pottery from the area.

Such hand and with limited supplies...such history and insight into a culture long gone by.

Toys found in area