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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Searching for the Right Travel Mode

We took a trip up Hwy 61 from Duluth, Mi to Grand Portage, Mi. We decided to take something different than the truck. Luckily, we were able to buy a fire truck as I was once a fireman and felt quite at home in it.

Jeanette particularly liked turning on the hood mounted emergency light. She made a lot of people pull over, It was fun but I was looking for something more manly.

SO we "borrowed" a 1940's iron hauling train. I did feel mighty manly powering up the hills. At 128' long it was a sight entering the tunnels.

Jeanette liked ringing the bell...too much...and I did look a tad too manly in it so we decided to scale it down.

That's more better. It still had a bell and Jeanette could drive it.

I followed behind in an antique hand car built for a single person. It was OK going downhill but going up grade soon tired me out so.

I took a nap in the caboose while Jeanette drove.

Since we were traveling over 150 miles on the shored of Lake Superior, we decided to cruise along the shoreline.

We stopped at a place where they made canoes and managed a swap.

This beauty is 38' long. It was too hard to paddle.

One of the canoe makers.

All hand made and covered with birch bark.
But this looks like the right ride!  We could leave the RV here and be home in ten hours.

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