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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Duluth, Minnesota...Going Downtown

Last remaining whaleback ship in the world. May sailed the great lakes over a century ago.

The city of Duluth has about 86,000 people living it and probably just about as many tourist visiting it on Labor Day weekend.  It is known as "San Francisco of the Midwest".  Many streets descend over 800' to the port. Your bicycle better have good brakes!

It is a modern city

the skywalks are for winter pedestrians ... kind of gives you an idea on how cold this place gets in the winter, but the summer is glorious.

We like towns that are modern that retain their history.

Some of the old buildings were breathtaking

Brew, shopping, and dining.

We enjoyed hanging out on Bob Dylan Way who was born and raised in Duluth.  His song Hwy 61 Revisted is in reference to his hometown and the scenic highway that goes from Duluth up the the North Shore of Minnesota.
As we said before, people up north love ice cream.  Hey, wait, is that Wayne and Kobe in line?

Along downtown, there are these beautiful brownstones, a train track, and a walking trail called Lakeshore Trail, and of course, Lake Superior.

You can walk dogs there...
Go for a romantic stroll or sit with your love on a bench and just watch the waves roll in.

The Lakeshore trail goes for miles and miles and miles.

People in Duluth know it was Leif Erickson and not Columbus that discovered America.  Viking symbols on the overpass.

Click to enlarge and see the drop

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