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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Calumet - Part VI - Houses

Not a miner's house. This one is on church property

This one looks like they took any type of left over brick they could get.
The houses below are not in Calumet because you could not own the land as it belonged to the mine. You could go across the street and build on your own property.
Make sure your fireplace will impress the visitor.

The mirror at the endof the hall makes this look larger

Looks like a tiffany lamp

A painted mural of a place near the end of the Keweenaw Peninsula goes around the room

We always have Tiffany & CO. design our fireplaces. (Click to enlarge to see better detail)

Click to enlarge

For wallpaper, one should always cover the walls with elephant  hide,  paint the hide, and gild the top of the hide.

If you stain all the glass, you can't look out and see the carriage house.

This one is now a B&B and quite reasonable in rates. This is the second floor. Let's look at some  of the rooms.

You can choose a bedroom with a fireplace.

A bedroom with a porch

The former ballroom is now a gift shop. You can just shuffle down the hall in your jammies and shop for a new outfit.

Let's walk to this place across the street and check it out.

Jacobsonian sandstone and stained glass. Nice Touch

The wood mantle is nice.

Comfy room to read a book

This 1905 stained glass looks modern

I like the color

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