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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Calumet - Part V - Culture

This was a mining town and all the culture and community design was  controlled by the mine. This was the library built for the town. The owner wanted to make a nice town with benefits so the workers would not turn union.

The interior of the mine administration shows the influence of Scandinavian design... simple but elegant. 

This was one of the paymasters windows. The window faced the north and you did not want to open the window to pay the people standing in the freezing cold outside. Just slide the dowel and there is room to slide the pay through the slot.

The outside of the pay windows. At the time, this area was uncovered. The miners were at work so a child or wife would line up to go up to the pay window. Italian masons did wonderful work on the many buildings owned by the mine.

Copper has been mined in this area for over five centuries. This piece of float copper  is a product of the regions glacial activity.

The administration building

A view inside the theatre which still operates as  an entertainment venue tofay.

The Coliseum

Every town needs a curling club

The Masons, Odd Fellows, and Elks were prominent in Calumet Culture. 

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