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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calumet - Part II - Decay

This country has many examples of boom and bust towns. Calumet boomed large under a vision by the man who ran the mines. Like a town where I used to live; Galveston, Texas,  some older buildings need regular maintenance to survive. Calumet's economy is not the same os the boom days and some buildings are in neglect.

Click any picture to enlarge. This bakery looked open and inviting but peering in the windows, it has not been open in some time. Too many idle buildings in a town dim the prospect of recovery. 

Look out the window and see the sky. Look in the window and see the sky.

You can see in the depth of the window casings how thick these rock walls are.

Many alleyways bear the signs that more buildings used to be here.

This building looks to be partially used.

Saw a historical photo where the train station was very busy with people going about

Each year, each winter will exact more of a toll on this building

More signs of missing buildings

This one is for sale. $39, 000.

Long of junk inside. Repairs would be extensive.

You would first have to start with running the milk/vodka vagrants off from the recessed doorways.

Missing window. Looks like someone has been hanging out inside.
There was a historical building called The Italian Hall. It got to the point where it needed structural repairs. The city and citizens debated about the cost to repair it: $100K _ 150K. The city finally put it under the wrecking ball and soon after asked themselves, "Why did we do that?" 

The Building was so historical that Woody Guthrie wrote a song about it. 

Site of the Old Italian Hall.

The area is now considered an historical district and that may offer future hope.

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