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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calumet: A National Park --The History of a Town

The National Park, seeing the value of maintaining Calumet's history, purchased quite a few of the historical buildings in this town to preserve the history that this particular  area told.  Besides owning and renovating some of the key buildings, they work hand in hand with local preservation groups, making Calumet a history lover's dream. You will need to click and enlarge...

The city of Calumet, when founded, was called Red Jacket.

What the town looked like

MAny men were needed for the mines. Like California,they recruited heavily Cornish miners for their skills. 

In an earlier post, we showed you these houses that are still in use today. The workers lived in town mainly; the rich lived in an adjacent town so they could own their property. 

The miners' houses owned and cared for by the company were built along the edges of town and very close together.
The schools were noted as top class in their day. 

What is Bastardy?

Bars were not built in town, but there were some places called "blind pigs" here and there, similar to a speakeasy. 

The swimming pool that was built for workers.The company wanted to make sure their workers were clean and healthy, family men.

Churches played a huge part in this company owned, designed community.  The company gave the land to the churches.

Calumet on a busy day

Typical crimes

The mine owner did not want miners who were injured in bar fights to be treated by the doctor. The doctor convinced him otherwise. However, if you got VD, you would not get treatment and this big red sign was posted on your door.

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