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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whitefish Bay Lighthouse and Gordon Lightfoot ???

Whitefish Point is known as the Graveyard of Ships as more vessels have been lost here than in any other part of the lake. Hundreds of vessels, including the famed Edmund Fitzgerald, lie on the bottom of the bay and the approaches. The lighthouse is at an end of an 80 mile stretch of shoreline known as Lake Superior's Shipwreck Coast. Gordon Lightfoot had a song about this place called the Edmund excellent narrative. All crew members were lost in a horrific storm near this point.  Which is why they had a shipwreck museum here also.

To many lake sailors the light is more than a navigational marker, it is a welcoming call from home. The Whitefish Point Lighthouse is still a remarkably modern and functional structure.  I t was built in 1861, the beginning of the Civil War.  During the month of Nov. waves have been reported as high as 35 feet on these seas.

The rudder is from the  SS M.M. Drake a wooden steam barge that sank in 1882 off after a rescue attempt . 

Just a flower we saw along the way that was quite unusual.

sugar sand

Looking north into Lake Superior

The lighthouse from the beach

Rocks tore up and moved from the ice age glaciers

Street light and oil house

Rear of lighthouse

The lighthouse complex

I could rockhound all day

Driftwood on beach,  There are rough seas out here during the winter.

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