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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Traverse City Park

 What do you do with children in  the summer? There are nice camps to send to them to but Transverse City has some nice urban programs.
There were about 40 kids sitting out on this deck learning about sailing. They are going in for some prep and will come out to sail. Some of the kids were as young as 8. It is a two week 1/2 day session.

Off they go.
Let's walk over to the children's garden. Its over there where the neat weather vane is.

The gate is right behind the big watering pot.

My granddaughter could make short work of these.

The children grew many varieties of vegetables here including one of my favorites - the purple bell pepper.

Different groups are given plots to plant whatever they wish.  Each plot has a mailbox that identifies the group such as home school kids, etc.  
Gardening can be a lot of work but all these loafers did was lean on the fence.

Click on any picture to enlarge. This is the sunshine kids project.

The two little kids were eating sugar pea pods like candy... if you ever have eaten a fresh one off the vine.... they are just as sweet and pleasing

Little brothers stroller has a handy basket to take home some goodies.
You can walk along the lake and teach the kids  about  astronomy. You start with the sun and work your way out. Jeanette's grandkids call her "Sunshine".

Each planet has a lot of fun facts

And a model high in the air. I did not make it down to Pluto to see if it still was a planet.

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