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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tahquamenon Falls Paradise, Michigan

We took a four mile hike that spanned along a series of waterfalls...perfect day for a hike, low 70's and partly sunny in AUGUST??? 
We are just going to post the pics,without too much commentary.  You can click to enlarge to see the trail and layout of this great state park.  Matter of fact, we suggest to click and enlarge all of these so you can really see the beauty, grace, and magnitude of these falls.  It is  a beautiful state park.  The Tahquamenon Falls are the second largest falls east of the Mississippi and are divided into "lower" and "upper" falls. The trail to the lower falls was quite easy walking.  

In case you were wondering why they built a boardwalk to access the makes sense.

The trail to the "upper falls"  entailed some effort:

 ahhh...but so worth it - so here are the "upper falls"

Wayne is on the overlook to your right, so you can have a sense of the size of these falls and mind you this is summer for here, the lowest flow of water.  Can you imagine this place in the spring after the snow melt of approx 300 inches????

A memorable hike, a place we would want to take with those we love...

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