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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Morning In Marquette

Jeanette came up with the plans for this morning. 1) Got to the Farmer's Market, 2) She would do laundry while I went to the grocery store, 3) head to the Lower harbor in Marquette for the Traditional Seafood Fest and score something yummy for lunch. Sounds like a plan. Let's go!

I love real farmer's market and this was the real deal. Have not been to one this nice since Oregon

Click on any picture to enhance the yumminess.

These young people were a throwback to the early 70's. They grew all this stuff on a farm nine miles from here. Ok, Shopping bag is full, time to move on.

The Seafood Fest has a Classic Car Show! It just gets better! And different bands playing. They are seriously crazy about Rock and Roll in Michigan. Isn't Bob Segar the Governor here (joke)? I took a lot of pictures but will only post a few car pictures. They had tons of muscle cars but I won't post those. Or maybe in another posting.

Not as manly as my truck but getting up there.

Bright sunny day on the lake makes the chrome and paint shine.

Time to eat. Let's head down to the vendor's area. Several restaurants to chose from that have booths at the fest but we are going to be civic minded and go to the Rotary Club's tent.

Which was a good choice as the whitefish was cooked to perfection. We also had corn on the cob and slaw. They were also were serving shrimp, lobster, etc

And they had tons of volunteers serving and cooking. They were doing it for charity.

You can't see all the cooking pots from her but look at the cords going into their tent.

Luckily, we found a place to sit and eat our fish,

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