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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rural Traverse County

As hip and urban as Traverse City can occasionally be, you are only a few miles from the country. I do not the population density of Northern Michigan is very high. The farms start before you get out of town and they soon give way to wilderness. I enjoy fresh produce and the Gallagher's Farm delivers. I bought a fresh Michigan watermelon there this morning that "tasted like summer".  You notice that I was polite enough not to put Gallagher and watermelon in the same sentence!

No problem taking the kids when you shop. If animals and a toy barn are not enough, there is a large corn maze across the street.

We call the yellow pattypan squash, "sunburst". 

The fresh fruits and vegetables are quality. Inside, they also have, jellies, fresh bread and pastries made on the premises and much more. Beats the big box store.

Bring your camera

I like gardens. The lady to the left is cutting gladiolas. They also sell flowers.

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