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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pyramid Point

We had already gone for two walks today but decided to take a short trail called Pyramid Point Trail. It was a little over a half a mile each way. It goes up this hill which we discovered is not a hill but an old sand dune.

The elevation increased after this point.

Looking down the dune at some swimmers. You have to enlarge...they are like little dots.

Looking across the Manitou Passage

The trees give some scale as to the size of the dune.

Zooming the camera in to see more detail of North Manitou Island. Click on any picture to enlarge.

South Manitou Island in distance.

There is a lighthouse in the passage.

Good place for a photo op. One of the most beautiful spots we have seen along the lake.

Nearby was an old abandoned farmhouse. Wonder what it was like to live here.  There was a trail through those trees behind the house that led straight to the beach..

Heading down the trail behind the house...very carefully

The end of the trail

Looking down the coast toward Sleeping Bear National Shoreline.

Lake Michigan

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