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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Road to Copper Harbor

We are near the top of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan. We decided to drive as far as we could up the peninsula to Copper Harbor. There is more area above Copper harbor but roads are very scare in the Upper Peninsula.  There is an extensive system of snowmobile trails and this area does get 300+ inches of snow in the winter. (Lake effect across the peninsula). What little development there has ever been up here in the past was due to the area being so rich in minerals. People have been mining copper here for about 5.000 years. The road we took went along the shoreline and it was beautiful.

Not many people but in places there are houses built on the shore. I liked the lines of this log cabin. Most are summer homes but many people live year around as they love the winter activities. Click on any pic to see more detail.

We saw three waterfalls along the drive. No hiking involved.
one of the pools off to the side of the waterfall

At Eagle River, a nice bridge made of wood. I love the laminated truss.

The old jail house in Eagle River is still in use. Most of the U.P.(including this area) has a population of less than one person per sq. mile.   I guess you still need a jail? 
a different angle of jailhouse; prisoners have a nice fall view at least.

Thought this was a church at first but no. I t might be a retreat or some eccentric person's abode.  Those might be snowflakes instead of crosses. The one on the right is for observation of the lake. There is more as far as outbuildins but this sits by it's self on one facet of a large cove.

We saw a few people. Not many people on the roads. These people were looking for agates. The shoreline here is know for collecting agates.

Another bridge by some falls made with local rock.

Many nice places for a picnic on the way.


Jeanette has developed an interest in picking up agates. The highway is behind her.

This grasshopper or locust looked like a butterfly when it took wing. The wings were black and gold but marked like a butterfly. I did manage a little video of it.

In Copper Harbor

Several boys were out swimming and enjoying the last days of summer. School does not start here until after Labor Day.

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