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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mosquito Falls and Chapel Point Hike- Picture Rocks National Lakeshore

Today's hike was right around five miles round trip.  We hiked the Mosquito Falls trail that leads to the shoreline. 

Mosquito River; the sandstone cliffs are really pretty neat.

There were several teirs to Mosquito Falls.

Along the way, we saw some wildlife.  Notice a good chunk of his wing is missing.

This little rascal was diggin so fast, his feet are a blur.

The upper part of Mosquito Falls.

After the falls, we still had a mile  and a half to go to reach Chapel Point on the beachfront.
We saw a lot of beautiful country on the hike.

Emerging from the forest trail, this is our first view. This is where the Mosquito River empties into Lake Superior

The sandstone shows evidence of an ancient seabed.

Looking north into Lake Superior

A panorama of Chapel Point as seen from the west.  Michigan is so beautiful. Consider putting it on your bucket list.

 Chapel Point

Click to enlarge so you can see this cliff better.  At the end of the cliff, do you see a face?

Should I eat this? Hmmmmm

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