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Friday, August 17, 2012

Miner's Castle- Picture Rocks National Lakeshore - Munising, Michigan

We are stating across the straights from the south west side of Grand Island in Lake Superior. This is a view of the northeast part of the island.

Watching the waves crash against the bluffs.
The best way to see the 40 mile stretch of Picture Rocks National Shoreline is by water.  They have two hour cruises that run throughout the day and one at sunset.  Due to inclement weather, we could not go on the cruise, so we took a hike. Remember this is only a small pin drop on the much more to see and discover.

The first part of the hike was short and easy- the overlook for Miner's Castle.  

Beautiful water around the rock formation called Miner's Castle

The blowhole at the bottom is a tunnel which the waves would shoot water thru.  (click any picture to enlarge)

The front had put many whitecaps on the water

Cambrian sandstone make up these bluffs. Some rise up to 200 feet over Lake Superior.
Large bluffs to the east.

Looking down from 200 feet on the bluff at deep clear water

Once viewing the shoreline from the viewing area, we found that you could hike down to the shoreline. We had to think about for a minute or two seeing we had already hiked close to three miles this morning and this was going to be two miles round trip; going down was a lot easier than coming back up.

To get to the beach, we walked along and then descended the bluffs and walked along a nice little river cutting thru the sugar sand.

Sugar sand and large aqua colored waves.

People swimming in Superior...

You can see why no cruises were being offered today.

Waves crashing against the bluffs.


  1. Whenever I stand on the shore of Gitchigumi I feel like I ought to be smelling salty sea air.

    Nice pictures.

    Whenever someone would ask me if it was OK to take their 17 foot boat out on to the lake I'd point out that the Edmund Fitzgerald was 729 feet.

  2. WOW! Nice pictures. Makes me want to get on a plane right now!