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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marquette County, Michigan

Big Bay Point Lighthouse

   A murder that was committed here in 1952 became a best selling book and eventually made into the movie, Anatomy of a Murder. The US Army had leased the Lighthouse --the  one pictured above and surrounding land, establishing an anti aircraft artillery range. Soldiers were brought in for  training session on the 90 millimeter 
guns that had been placed along the cliff of Big Bay Point. 
One of the officers went home one night and found his wife was not there. When she did return home, she was intoxicated after having spent the evening at the local tavern. They quarreled and to avoid a possible beating, the wife claimed she had been assaulted by the local bartender at the Lumberjack Tavern.  Well, you can imagine the husband's outrage, so he marched into that tavern and shot the bartender.  The body outline of the poor bartender is still faintly visible on the tavern floor.
The movie was filmed on location in the towns of Big Bay, Ishpeming, and Marquette.  The movie was nominated for best picture and best actor but lost to Ben hur. 

Looking across Independence Lake toward the Big Bay Peninsula. You cannot go west along Lake Superior due to the Huron Mtn. Club. A group of rich people (including Henry Ford) who bought 21,000 acres and made it an exclusive retreat. The area contains six waterfalls and seven lakes.
Yellow Dog Falls

The ore loading docks are big in Marquette. This ship is about 700 feet long. the top of the dock has railroad cars on it.

Coming into Marquette from our camp. Turn two blocks down to the right and you end up in the old downtown. Turn left and drive along Lake Superior.

Michigan is the motor state.

Coming into Ishpeming. One of the old mining towns around.

The high school in Ishpeming. We liked the sailing ship weathervane. 

Coming into Negaunee. Another old mining town.

These towns boomed on iron ore.

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