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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marquette Car Show

Give Jeanette a choice and well... she is a truck girl.

The white and green Chevy Apache looks beefy.

Click to enlarge the window sticker of the car below

Click to enlarge the window sticker of the car below

Liked the shoes in the whatever you called the shelf behind the rear seat.

These dusters came out in the mid 70's. They were painted in "hey, look at me" colors

My sis in law had a red pony car.

Many cars up into the thirties were designed as carriages. Even into the sixties, you would see "Body by Fischer" who was originally a renowned carriage maker.  Early makers would only put soft canvas tops as a roof because they thought a metal roof would create a vacuum inside and possibly suck someone out. (or so I've heard). This car had some nice touches including the flower holder. The car below is the rose adorned 1923 Hudson.

Yes we had foot pedals that looked like feet. I never had the Marilyn Monroe key chain. Notice how compact the steering column mounted air bag was?

Willys Wagon

Their were so many camaros, mustangs, road runners, etc. I did not take pictures of them

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