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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mackinac Island- Fashions

There are many activities to do on Mackinac Island but we need to do it with style or sensibility according to the need.

If you only going for one of the many, many fudge shops, it does not matter what you wear. You will soon need a new set of clothes that are sized larger. (Click to enlarge the yumminess)

We planned to do a lot of biking and walking so Jeanette layered athletic clothes so  she remove  adjust the layers as the day warmed up. No cars but you ride a horse, rent a buggy, hire a carriage, bike. or walk.

If you are going to walk, choose sensible shoes.

Got to admit, I'd commit a felony for a pair of shoes like this as they match the Cowboy shirt I got in California and the Cowboy hat I got in Fredericksburg.  Actually, I'm having a hard time finding that outfit and I think Jeanette may have hid it.

Ladies may not be attired in slacks? At the Grand Hotel. Why do you think that is?  

Of course, a Bell Captain has to look swank.

Enlarge to check out his boots.  The horsies are styling too.
Between the trash behind him and the horses passing gas, this guy needs  to don fresh air equipment.
This guy could use a horse and cart as fashion accessories. 

These ladies were my favorites. They were not interested in Fudge or biking. They were interested in sitting on the front porch of the Grand Hotel and having a 10am bloody mary.

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