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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leland, Michigan

We continued yesterday with our tour of M-22. It is a highway loop that runs along some beautiful coastline with funky little towns.

Coming into Leland. Michigan. I do not like these people as not only do they sit on a nice bay on Lake Michigan but they also have this 30 mile long lake starting in town and running south. They should share these waters.

Where the lake ends and Lake Michigan begins. Click on any picture to enlarge.

One of those old cars that has propellers in the back and go into the lake.

Leland took the original shanties in their old fishing village and made them into shops.

I did not know what the message was so I got scared and did not eat here.

C'mon in....Visa? Mastercard?

So nice the town saved this historic fishing village; so sad they are all trinket shops though.

Where Lake Michigan meets the town lake

Someone is hoping for some fish

A sailboat coming into Leland Harbor

The Buela Ogemon in the back there with the blue hull has just pulled in with some fish. Let's go see what he has.

He has at least half a dozen trays of white fish. A game warden told me it was excellent table fare and served in most of the area restaurants

The guy was selling it off the boat for $2 a pound. I told Jeanette we should get some. She told me we could get a fish sandwich somewhere seeing we live in an rv with a small refrig and that would be too much fish to eat in one sitting. She grew up eating white fish and loved it.  It was hard to pass up. 

A fish house. 


Oh no! Jeanette is going in a shop!

Looking south where the town lake starts.

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