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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Hanging Around in St. Ignace, Michigan

The town of St Ignace sits on Lake Huron.  The ferry takes you over to Mackinac Island. A beautiful harbor sits on the bay.

Classic lines on this beauty.

The city marina with Mackinac Island in the far background.
St. Ignace runs a long a horseshoe shaped  bay, and it has a boardwalk to walk around town.
A hilltop view of St Ignace.

The downtown of St Ignace; they had a wonderful museum filled with an amazing collection of Indian artifacts.  They also had many European and American artifacts from the 1700s to the mid 1800's .Sorry photography was not allowed, but if you ever find yourself here, it is a must see; plus, it was free!

Right outside of town is a very nice state park called Straits State Park with some trails and pretty good views of the bridge. (click to enlarge)

We found our perfect picnic spot!

Can't take too many pictures of "THE BRIDGE" :)

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