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Monday, August 27, 2012

Houghton, Michigan - The A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum

The museum is located on the Michigan Technological University campus.  It is known as one of the finest and most extensive mineral museums in the U.S. Click to enlarge each was an amazing place! I've been to some amazing natural history museums in Denver, New York, etc,  but I told the curator that after awhile, I just stopped looking, sensory overload. She said she hears that a lot. They don't charge yet as they have not finished!

This was over eight foot tall. Natural copper formation.

There were several hundred of these display cases.  It was overwhelming...and so beautiful.

Our granddaughter would love this one!

Not going to add much comment. Just a sampling. click on any picture to enlarge.

The Upper peninsula of Michigan is a geological wonder,. They closed down one mine and let it flood and then reopened it. This was crystals growing on a ladder.

and a shovel handle.

Florescent rocks

Florescent rock

reptile fossil

Yummy in olden times

Just some copper samples from this area. They sold gem quality exhibits at a very reasonable price. My Grandkids are getting some heirlooms!

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