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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hancock, Michigan

Hancock has a population of 5,000 and is across the bridge from Houghton.  It is home to Finlanda University, a very small university of just 500 students.  During the 1800's , Hancock had a very strong influx of Finnish and Sweedish immigrants that came to the area to  work in the mines , and a local pastor was concerned that their culture would be lost....thus, a college was built as a theological college by the Lutheran Church.  Now it offers a full curriculum, but is still run by the Lutheran Church.

The university is that tall modern building...behind the sweedish cafe

The residential part of the town is built into the hillside.   It is very difficult getting around town in a big truck--sharp curves and steep inclines.

One of the old industrial buildings on the river in Hancock.  Behind it on the hill is a ski run...yes, they do a lot of skiing here in the winter.
Sadly, in 1869 the majority of the town burned and then another fire raged through the downtown in 1940 .  So, most of the buildings in Hancock are not as old as Houghton's.

Looking at Hancock from across the Portage.

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