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Sunday, August 5, 2012

ELk Ridge, Michigan

We drove 15 miles up Traverse bay to Elk Ridge, Michigan. Elk Ridge sits on Elk Lake, the Elk River, and Traverse Bay.

Where the river meets Traverse Bay.

The Island House was built in 1865. It sits on Traverse Bay and the Elk River.

Looking across Traverse Bay to the end of Old Mission Peninsula. A front came through this morning causing the whitecaps. By 2:30pm the temperature was still 71F.

The entrance to the harbor at Elk Ridge.

Enjoyed looking the boats in the harbor mariana. There was another mariana across the bridge for the Elk Lake crowd.

A lot of people carry bikes as they hop from town to town. Every town is close to the marinas so its easy to go get supplies. 

I would be comfortable on this one.

Nice old wood boat.

Bet that did cost some Cur N Sea!

My Birthday is next month. Hint. Hint.

A bay window in the island house.

A fireplace in the Island House. The books on top of the mantle are glued together and the fable of the ants and the grasshopper has been painted on.

The sun porch overlooking Traverse Bay.

The cool weather did not deter these kids from swimming in the Elk.

Downtown Movie Theater

Traverse Bay Farms has won a lot of Blue Ribbons. I bought some raspberry BBQ sauce, Raspberry Salsa, and Black Bean Salsa.

Food and Grog at Siren  Hall

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Saw a lot of people eating ice cream on the street. Home made right here.

Jeanette is going to throw that at me. I just know it. I woke up in trouble this morning because she had a dream where I said something to her that was not nice.

Elk River has a highly rated brewery called shorts. I bought some ale called Soft Parade fermented with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Muy Bueno! This is the emblem at the brewery.

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