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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

There are a lot of rocks cropping off shore near Eagle Harbor forming what is known as Sawtooth Reef.   Several ships, older and modern, have shipwrecked on the reefs offshore. The harbor is not for large ships but I would be careful even bringing a small boat in through the rocks. The lighthouse aids mariners by marking the point. Lighthouses are not as necessary as they used to be in the age of GPS but still serve a purpose. The lighthouse on this point is still in use and operated by the coast guard. The freight traffic going west on Lake Superior is 12 miles north and the east traffic is 26 miles north.

Loved some of the furnishings in the lighthouse. We did not go to the top of the tower as it is still  is a working lighthouse and the Coast Guard says No.

Cool radio

With so much snow, electricity often went out. This electric stove has a wood burning part built onto the right. Another way to foil lazy women from finding an excuse not to cook!

Was this necessary in the winter?

1927 Chrysler. Long Story about a ship carrying a load of cars that was grounded off the reef and the rescue of the crew and cargo. The cargo was difficult to move and had to remain on the ship throughout the winter.  For six months they sat on the grounded ship covered in ice and snow.  When spring approached, they finally got the cars off;  the engines still fired up and ran perfectly.

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