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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Downtown Classic Boat Show

Jeanette and I took a long walk down Boardman Lake this morning and as I was going to lunch she asked me if I remembered they were having a classic boat show downtown. I had already walked a big hole in my sock and had a big blister but I had to check it out.

Old Cabin Cruiser sitting in the Boardman River. The red car is on the street that separates Traverse Bay from the Boardman River. The Boardman runs through and then along Front Street downtown. 

Most of the classic boats were the old wood Chris Crafts from the 40s-60s.

A lot of people made beautiful wood boats and you could buy them.

A 1953 Fishing set-up. Click to enlarge and look inside the boat at his gear.

People made wooden canoes for you to buy.

Late 50's ..check out the fins

Cabin Cruising in style!

1956 Barracuda. In the 60's, a lot of car interiors looked like this.

Beautiful wood grain on these boats

Not hot rod but Hot Wood. Let's go skiing!

Rumble seat behind the motor. This would seat 8 or 9 people.

This boat was built the same year I was born. Read description below.

Plenty of room back here

Sleek and beautiful

I did not go look at all the boats...enough walking for one day!

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