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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cadillac, Michigan

We drove down to Cadillac to have lunch and check out some antique shops

Many of these towns up here decorate with petunias. The weather is mild enough that the summer flowers last a while.

Psssst....hey buddy........pssst.......hey Meester......

Love old neon signs.

That song has not been popular in decades.

Ah.. the Irish..

Don't you hate when you've just cleaned a window and someone runs up and puts a fingerprint...

Cadillac is not on the great lakes. Its "inland" and all they have is a lake and the clam river.

Jeanette likes neat rich guys

A city park in town

Lots of these guys around. Did not post all of the townspeople.

Like the ripped-up jeans and sandals.

We took an urban walk along the lake and the river.

He was there then and thirty minutes later. Rockhound? He had a bag behind him. A lot of local jewelry is made from local materials.

Oh, Excuse me.

Grandkids would love to chime these chimes.

More of the fake people.

The snorkel diver is still there on the other side of the plants but now some guy is rummaging through the rocks  near the shore.

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