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Monday, August 13, 2012

Brimley and Sault Ste. Marie Michigan - Old Indian Burial Grounds

The Ojibwa Indians are also known as the Chippewa .  Their original homeland is the northern United States and southern Canada. The RV park we are staying at is in the Ojibwa community of Bay Mills which sits on Whitefish Bay of Lake Superior.  As we were driving about, we ran across an old burial ground.

Daniel Day-Lewis could have hidden from the French here (Too obscure a reference?)

Old Ojibwa graves notice the structure over the grave with the hole???

The statue in Bay Mills, across from the burial ground honors the past, present, and future veterans from the Native American community of Bay Mills. The "past" figure with his spine-o-cracking, skull-a-splitting war club looks like he have been a veteran of Mackinaw Island where in 1814, many an american skull was thumped. 

After this, we went to tour Sault Ste. Marie and found yet another ancient burial ground and an explanation of why they built the structure over the grave with a hole in it.

Click to read and find out why they buried their dead this way.
The gate that protected the burial grounds from vandals was symbolically designed.

The clan symbol ( in this case, a crane) was inverted to show that the person had passed to the other side.

That was today's history lesson :)

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