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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alden, Michigan

We drove over to Alden to check out a Thursday Night Live thingie which had a street dance but more so an opportunity for the shops to stay open later. Passed a nice sunflower field on the way over.

They sold nifty things in this shop.

Alden is the name. The sailboat signifies it sits on Torch Lake.

People up here love Rock and Roll. 90% of the radio stations are rock and roll.

These boys were playing the "put habanero sauce down the other guys swimtrunk" game.

That water might cool it off

These area is formed by glaciers and I think there area a couple hundred lakes from where I'm staying in a 30 mile radius. This is Torch Lake. Not huge. Nineteen miles long. Almost two miles wide. Forty-two miles of shoreline. Three hundred feet deep. A few miles inland from Transverse Bay.

Put a sixty horsepower motor on that small boat and you can see where he gets the slogan inside the cabin.

Looking up the main street from the harbor

So many lakes means a lot of shoreline for lake homes. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Alden's main road

Loved the themes here

Goodnight, Alden

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