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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning in Traverse CIty

Doing some chores this morning. We started by going to a farmers market where we bought only a bag of tomatoes and a bag of small assorted squash.  We checked out two nearby state parks that had huge campgrounds but they were not "big-rig" friendly meaning I could not get my RV in. Did laundry and went to the grocery store but I always carry a pocket camera.

The view looking north from downtown. (Click to enlarge) How many people do they have on that boat???

A Tee-Pee. That would allow me to get into more campgrounds.

WHile Michigan has beautiful water on the Great Lakes, it also has hundreds of nice interior lakes. In fact, the price of lakefront property is nowhere near the price premium as in Texas.

Had to check out a BMX competition I passed. They had age categories of novice, intermediate, and expert starting at 8. I was surprised how many adults were competing. I thought the fastest group were the 17- 18 year olds.

It was an interesting crowd.....I could put more pictures in to illustrate that.

I don't know why but I always buy my ice cream at The Dairy Lodge.

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