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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random thoughts

Last week, we stayed in the heart of Indiana Amish Country. Talked to some various Amish men about their lives and I was impressed. They don't have AC power lines running to their homes, cars, TVs, telephones,  etc. They do have nice farms with large homes, families and barns. The kids work in the fields farming with horses. They ride horse and buggy or bicycles into town. They have nice wood furnaces that heat water that heat the homes and barns. They do use solar power, etc. They don't have a central church or pastor but take turns hosting services in their barns. They have an excellent work and family ethic. They are a modest people and do not like articles that promote vanity. They believe a great service to their own karma is helping their neighbors.
It hurt my heart to see their farms in time of drought. However, this morning, there was a follow up rain that started around 5:00 am and slowly ran all day. That made me happy. I hate to see farmers suffer from drought.
This morning, I broke camp in the rain and drove 220 miles from Coldwater, Michigan to Manistee, Michigan. It was not a bad drive but pulling the fifth wheel through rain all day was tiring. Michigan is beautiful. The northern treed forests are awesome. The only town that I did not by-pass was Grand Rapids, Michigan and I was surprised that it was so large. I guess I never heard much about it. I set up camp in the rain but it has stopped for a while. A front is passing through and the temperature is dropping. Mid 60's at 7:00 pm and scheduled to drop into the mid 50's. Lots of things to see in this area. I will be posting pictures starting tomorrow.

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