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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nappanee, Indiana Day Trip through the Amish Countryside

I finally bought a sweet today. Not one of these "Barn Mice".   (Jeanette wanted to send one to the Grandkids but figured they would melt).  AT this fudge shop. I did but some Orange Creme fudge. (Think dream cycle).

Nope, did not but anything here

In the mid 50's, when I lived in Galveston, I used to take a  nickle and  walk three blocks to a gas station where I could deposit my coin and pull out a icy cold 6.5 ounce Coke. (They went u p to 6 cents one day and that messed up my world). I opened the door and checked these ...yes, they were cold)......wish I could afford a dime....

Most of these farms do not have any electricity but they have beautiful horses. (click to enlarge any pic)

Old steam driven grist mill
Did not buy anything here

Shoe Fly Pie,,,the filling is molasses, brown sugar, butter, egg

I have a reverence for wood and wood crafting. This old barn was converted to a restaurant.

Jeanette finally got the dessert platter she has been craving.

Had to take the truck in for service so we walked across the street and were "poking around"....someone got a bad wheel.

A barn basement (trying to be "arty")

Old barn and yes trying to be "arty".

Someone finally made me some bread

Yawn.. trying to be arty

LOve driving through the old towns, pastoral simple farms, people driving driving around Houston!

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